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                      2. company introduction

                        Beijing Biostest Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprisefocusing on food safetyand environmental fields, which is committed to the development, promotion and introduction of advanced food safety testing reagents, laboratory equipment, environmental testing equipment, in order to meet food security, growing high-tech field of environmental protection needs…


                        Drug Residue Tests
                        Charm ROSA Antibiotic Tests
                        Charm II Antibiotic Tests
                        Hormone Elisa Kits
                        Randox Animal Drug Residue Elisa Kits
                        Abraxis Pesticide Elisa Kits
                        Charm Cidelite Pesticide Tests
                        Mycotoxin Tests
                        Charm ROSA Mycotoxin Tests
                        Helica Mycotoxin Elisa Kits
                        Biostest Mycotoxin IAC
                        Sigma Standards
                        Sigma Reference Materials
                        Charm Reference Materials
                        Toxin Tests
                        Abraxis Shellfish Poisoning Elisa Kits
                        Jellett Shellfish Poisoning Strips
                        NRC CNRC Shellfish Poinsoning Standards
                        Transia STEC Elisa Kits
                        Abraxis Microcystin Elisa Kits
                        Abraxis Microcystin Strips
                        Biostest Vitamin Tests
                        BD Vitamin Medium
                        Vitamin Standards
                        Vitamin A,D Tests
                        Vitamin C Tests
                        Choline Tests
                        Lactoferrin Tests
                        Megazyme Enzymatic Analysis
                        Food Allergen Tests
                        ELISA System Allergen ELISA Kits
                        Biostest Allergen Strips
                        Charm Allergiene Swab
                        Biostest Reference Materials
                        Adulterant Tests
                        Melamine Strip Test
                        Melamine ELISA Kit
                        L-hydroxyproline Tests
                        Thiocyanate Test
                        Sudan Red ELISA Kit
                        Acrylamide ELISA Kit
                        Leucomalachite Green ELISA Kit
                        BPA ELISA Kit
                        Food Microbiological Detection
                        BD Medium
                        SIFIN Test Reagents and Serum
                        Biostest Pathogen Strip Test
                        Compact Dry MicroorganismTest
                        Easy Count Microorganism Test
                        Transia Pathogen Elisa Kits
                        Charm Pocket SwabATP Swab
                        Reference Materials
                        FAPAS Reference Materials
                        IRMM Reference Materials
                        Detecting Instruments
                        Charm Rosa Antibiotic Detecting System
                        Charm Rosa Mycotoxin Detecting System
                        Charm Novalum ATP Luminometer
                        Charm II 7600 Syestem
                        Randox Evidence Investigator
                        Biocontrol Assurance GDS
                        Charm EPIC
                        Contact us
                        Beijing Biostest Co., Ltd.
                        Room 1701, AnquanPlaza , No.32 Beiyuan Road ,Chaoyang District,Beijing, China
                        Tel:400 1888 518
                        Fax:010-8482 7868